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    1. What is Ad Posting Job?
    Ad Posting Job, is very simple job where all you've to do is to Post Ads on different Classified Websites.

    2. Is there any working hours?
    No, you can work 24hrs at any of your convenient time & place.

    3. How much can I earn this program?
    According to the Membership Package you can earn from Ruble. 500/- to Ruble.2000/- per Month.

    4. How to get started?
    Pay us the Membership Fees according to the Membership On receipt of your payment & form,
    within 48hours, all work details will be sent to your E-mail Address.

    5. What are the basic requirements to get started for this Ad Posting Job?
    To get started you should have the basic knowledge of Internet Surfing, and you should have internet connection, PC or else you can also work from cyber cafe. This Job is available world wide & one can work from any place, any time.

    6. When I'm going to get my payment?
    After finished work You will get payment within 3 days.

    7. From where will I get the Ad Matter & List of Classifieds websites?
    After getting registered with us, we will provide different ad matters, free classified websites. Here you don't have to search anything. All you need is to copy and paste the AD Matter provided by us.

    8. Is there any limitation on Ad posting?
    Yes, have to post ads as per the plans per week.

    9. What is the minimum ads i should post per week?
    We recommend you to post minimum 500 ads per week.

    10. In a single Website, How many Ads I can Post in a single day?
    In a single classified website, you should publish not more than one number of Ads. You will get different Ad Matters & classified websites. So better place different ads in different websites.

    11. Do you offer any type of support or assistance?
    Yes! We offer 100% member support. You can email us anytime, ask questions, and get advice. In order for us to succeed, our members must succeed.

    12. Is there any Registration fees?
    Yes, Small Membership Fees as Per the Membership Plan you choose.

    13. How do I pay the Membership fees?
    Payeer Bitcoin Litecoin Dogecoin.
    Online Fund Transfer.

    14. Is there any chance of getting my account terminated?
    Your Ad Posting Account will be terminated only in the below mentioned cases:
    Our company is not allowed the posting ads in sub domain, same design site, adult site, RSS feed site, spam site, same script use site, php configuration site, blog site, entertainment site, forum site, zero traffic site.
    If 2 or more members works in a single id.
    If you didn't send weekly reports for 1 week.
    If you are posting Ads on auto traffic, auto surf and auto click generating websites.
    If you are altering and posting the Ad matters without intimating us or without our permission.
    If you are violating any of our company rules and regulation.
    If you are posting ad without images.

    If you are not submit assignment properly...So your Assignment will not accepting..

    Please copy the link exactly where url link is posted...(only 3 websites mistake is allow..more then 3 mistakes whole assignment reject.)

    In these conditions you are not able to get payment..

    Payment will get to our reservation...(payeer or crypto )

    How you will send my payment?
    Your payments will be sent by Online Fund Transfer, Payeer and crypto currency.

    16. Where will I get the ad matters for job?
    Generally the ad matters are Send to your Email id including fresh classified websites list.

    17. If I have any doubt regarding my pay-out, what can I do for it?
    If you have any type of doubt regarding your pay-out, please mail us atadpost@tutanota.com 

    18. Do you offer members support if I am having doubts?
    If you have any doubts mail us atadpost@tutanotal.com


    Ad posting job is a very simple work for all as you have to copy the ad matters provided by the companies which will you get through us and post them to different free classified sites. Ad posting work is very simple, you don't need any formal qualification or prior experience to join this Program. You are just required to post ads on different free classified websites. You don't need to create your own ads but you will be provided contents for posting ads. For each ad posting it takes five minutes time. You can work any time and from anywhere.Help Online Jobs is offering best, secure and reliable opportunity to earn money from online part time classified ad posting jobs for students, females, fresher and beginners in Pakistan, India, USA and worldwide. Classified marketing is being very popular and effective way to grab new customers due to increasing trend of online services and eCommerce. Advertisement on classified ad posting website is being powerful and quick result oriented digital advertisement. Ad Posting Online Jobs is the best classified online jobs for beginners, students, family girls and less educated guys. We are the best company to provide real ad posting jobs on classified websites worldwide especially in USA, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and etc.

    Ad Posting is basically to advertise the company business to all over the world by simply form filling jobs on different classified websites. You have to just fill the form, data given by the company and post in ad posting sites. You will be paid for every individual ads which you have posted and pays you more even if we get hits and sales from those ads. This is the real and legitimate opportunity for all clients to earn a handsome money to improve their standard of life. Ads posting is the best job for you if you want to earn unlimited money and also to learn about how to earn money from classified ad posting job.Online Ad Posting Job is the best among all available online jobs due to many factors other than earning resources This is very easy to start earning. Below given steps are how to start making money from Ad Posting...

    Online Ad Posting Job is the best among all available online jobs due to many factors other than earning resources. This is very easy to start earning. Below given steps are how to start making money from Ad Posting.Register on website.Online Ad Posting Job is the best among all available online jobs due to many factors other than earning resources. This is very easy to start earning. Below given steps are how to start making money from Ad Posting
    .Become paid member by paying the registration fee of this package.You will get the data (image + content) which you need to share with others Make Excel report and send us to get money...